A mobile application is, user-friendly and inexpensive. App is runnable and downloadable in most of the mobile phones. Applications support different area like calling, messaging, social network, audio, video, game, etc. Many technologies emerged to create mobile apps and development frameworks. React Native is one of them. It is an open-source framework for mobile app development. Top 10 famous companies already have used React native framework, are Skype, Uber,delivery.com, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vogue, Tesla, BLOOMBERG. In this respect, we will explore ten solid reasons to select React Native development to create Apps. Since ACCRUN has an experienced app developers read the article and use this company to build your app.

1.React Native allows quick and rapid development hence its affordable.

For startup app companies cost is one of the most crucial factors. Every start-up app development company tends to survive under tight budget constraints. They want to develop faster and stay longer. React Native causes to save time and money for mobile app development.

2. React Native provides cross platform capabilities.

It provides cross-platform mobile app development. Hence, the same code is usable for both Android and IOS applications. It gives a similar performance result without any extra changes in the source code. Using various languages such as Java, Swift, C++ is no longer required. The only thing you need is a JavaScript developer. This skilled developer should have enough experience of native UI library, APIs, and hybrid mobile app development.

3. React Native allows simple conversion of any web project to a mobile app.

Transformation of a Web Page to a Mobile App is easy. With this framework, a code is reusable and one update is required for both iOS and Android platforms. Detection of bugs is simplified between codebases a lot. React Native interface is modular and intuitive so developers who aren’t engaged in a project can easily understand it. Hence, there isn’t any requirement to have a core developer team to keep accessing the application. During changing staff as well as seeking external boundaries one can easily adapt to the entire development. All these advantages help developers to save time when transforming web pages into a mobile app.

4. A Responsive App

React Native Focus on UI and Access to Native API. This way one can make UI look precisely like a JavaScript and much less of a framework. The overall process is simple. So the built mobile app is smoother and loadable faster than a classic hybrid one without any complexity. Because JavaScript interacts asynchronously with the native environment, UI is more responsive.

5. React Native provides single code base for both iOS and Android.

Only one Code Base for iOS and Android is deployed. The framework is open-source and compatible with various platforms. Recompiling the application is simple without any changes in the framework. It is available for all app developers. It lets writing native modules in a comparable language and linking it to React Native codebase easily.

6. Lesser Usage of Memory

The usage of memory is less. React Native is compatible with different types of third-party plugins which its tools offer much smoother run-time. It is a profitable framework, studded with well-diversified modules that make 3rd-party involvement much easier. There is no longer a necessity for specific WebView functions with third party plugins. There is option to link the plugin with a native module via the framework. These procedures can be linked with an application option for smoother running, quicker loading and better memory management.

7. React Native Will Not Fail Anytime Soon

It won’t disappear anytime soon. In recent years App developers widely adopt this framework. Being user-friendly and saving time are options which are suitable for app developers to use it. Using React native is much easier than learning a different language to create complex codes. Although, the framework is still new, supporting of the Facebook provides long-term perspective. So React native can continue to mature and strengthen positions much more.

8. The Application Performs Like a Native App

React Native Runs Similar to a Native App. The basic building blocks of a React Native app are compiled to native platforms. As a result, utilizing WebWiew system components is not required. In addition, all codes are comparable with React Native for iOS and Android platforms. Its functionality is quite systematic. It reacts faster to all the conjunctions, due to a handful of institutions. It utilizes the graphics processing unit, while native platforms are more central processing unit intensive. Compared to other hybrid frameworks, it lets us build and execute developing apps faster. It also increases the agility of the app.

9. Multiple outcomes under one solution

React Native is based on React ideas. It lets building strong mobile apps to fulfill tasks that are complex by using simple codes. This framework uses the famous ReactJS UI library created by Facebook to make more straightforward codes for the implementation and execution of ReactJS. In the core, the React native has the ‘Live Reload’ feature. which isn’t available for other native frameworks. It offers us to view the latest code changes instantly. when two screens are opened, the first one displays the code, whereas the second one contains a mobile screen owing to the code.

10. React Native will be active for a long period of time.

It is Flexible and futuristic among frameworks for cross-platform Mobile Development. It has an interface with both iOS and Android, without requiring Java, Swift, or Objective-C. A single code is completely enough to remove malfunction and even develop it much more. Although the operations are simple, React Native is in the market for a long time. All main heads are engaging this module, so it’s clear to be more trustworthy and responsive. React native app development prepare you a platform where you can keep tabs on memory spacing. It makes the application more efficient. If the app developer quits the project, React Native manual comes handy, which makes it simpler to understand the project for new changes. It has powerful support and continuous promotion by successful community of app developers.


We hope this article answers all of your queries related to React Native App Development. All famous companies use React Native. If you want to develop your program, we proudly do it for you in ACCRUN