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Accerun is Data driven and IT company with branches in EU and Hong Kong. We provide solutions and applicable products for our clients. We believe data analytics leads your business to a better end. Novel, well programmed and high accuracy algorithms leads any business to a new level.
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There are many variations of business which can use data science in order to increase their profit, enhance a specific process or discover new customers.

Save Time

You save time finding special trained staff, our team will dedicate themselves to your company

Save Money

Its more cost efficient to work with expert team instead of finding one

Save resource

Stop wasting your budget and resource and keep them for more important situations. Our team helps you get rid of resource loss.

Save Energy

Save energy for management the project. The expert team will help you manage the project and show you the results in small steps

What we are offering to business owners.

Healthcare solutions

1. Hospital re admission circumvention
2. Disease prevent
3. Predicting medical test results

Insurance solutions

1. Claim denials management
2. Personalized product bundling
3. Fraud mitigation

Marketing solutions

1. Lead scoring
2. keyword segmentation
3. Next best offer

Financial solutions

1. Customer churn prediction
2. Credit risk scoring
3. Anti money laundering

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Technologies we use

Technologies we use

Accerun is a software development and AI based company with branches in EU and Hong Kong. We build products and cooperate with partners in order to bring Data management solutions.




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